LG announces 136-inch MAGNIT MicroLED TV with a $300K price tag

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics is looking to rival Samsung Electronics in the ‘consumer’ MicroLED TV space with the launch of a “luxury residential display” called the LG MAGNIT.


It’s an absolute beast of a TV that weighs in at 136-inches diagonally, sports the company’s very best Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor, and comes with a whopping $299,999 price tag, making it far more expensive than Samsung’s 110-inch consumer-grade MicroLED TV, which is priced at ‘just’ $155,000.

MicroLED is a nascent new display technology that’s said to be superior to both LCD and OLED, with all of the good qualities and none of the bad bits. Think extremely realistic, deep blacks and contrast, with high brightness and amazing, accurate colour replication. It’s believed that MicroLED will, in time, become the future of the TV display industry, though for now it remains prohibitively expensive.

"With its groundbreaking performance, LG MAGNIT 4K 136-inch is a luxury residential display offering viewers the cutting-edge color, clarity and contrast of LG’s Micro LED combined with Alpha 9 AI-enhanced processing designed to present movies, TV shows or pieces of digital art optimally," said Michael Kosla, VP of LG Electronics USA.

"Today’s discerning homeowners expect an increasingly high level of technological sophistication, and LG MAGNIT 4K 136-inch delivers with stellar visuals and an air of exclusivity that can’t be replicated in retail stores,” he added.

One thing that seems certain is that, if you’re interested in creating a high-end home cinema that nothing else can match, the LG MAGNIT with its MicroLED display will surely fit the bill. It provides an experience that no projector can even come close to. LG claims that as well as its deep blacks, high contrast and HDR features, it delivers exceptional brightness, years of lifespan (no burn-in), incredible viewing angles and excellent colour gamut”.


The specifications of the LG MAGNIT reveal that the TV offers a “true” peak brightness of 2,000 nits, unlike the fantasy numbers provided by most consumer LCD TVs. It also sports a 120Hz refresh rate, LG said. Other features include four HDMI ports, webOS and Apple AirPlay 2.

The company also reiterated that MicroLED is not to be confused with LED TVs, which are really just LCD TVs with LED backlights to enhance the colours and brightness.

Note however that the LG MAGNIT is not just expensive to buy, but also likely to be very expensive to run. The company’s commercial-grade MicroLED TV are known to consume thousands of watts of power.

For those interested in shelling out what must amount to around a decade’s wages for the average person, they’ll have to go through LG’s specially-certified partners, as the TV most certainly won’t be found in any electrical stores. LG’s partners include Bang & Olufsen, which is planning to sell the LG MAGNIT as part of a bundle that will also include its high-end Beolab 90 speakers.

"When paired with Beolab 90, LG MAGNIT delivers one of the most incredible home cinema experiences ever imagined," Kosla said..