LG and Pink Sweat$ team up on OLED Bliss ad campaign

Mike Wheatley

LG Display is teaming up with the R&B hipster Pink Sweat$ on a new “OLED Bliss” advertising campaign that aims to promote awareness of the “pure bliss” its OLED TVs create for movie enthusiasts and gamers alike.


As part of the campaign, LG has partnered with Pink Sweat$ on a new song “I Feel Good” that was exclusively composed, written and produced by the star. The collaboration is LG’s first with an internationally renowned musician, the company said.

Together with the campaign song, LG has also created two music videos for the campaign that are meant to depict the “blissful and purely joyful moments” it says can only ever be experienced by OLED TV users when watching a movie or playing a console game. In the song, Pink Sweat$ waxes lyrical about OLED’s “immersive colours” and how it helps to create a “Vibrant games paradise”. The singer sums up the experience as feeling as if “I’ve got a magic inside me, the world is lighting up, lighting up OLED, OLED.”

Pink Sweat$ said in a statement he created the track “to help share the experience of watching a movie or playing games on the OLED product”.

OLED TVs are known for their incredible accuracy thanks to their ability to reproduce true blacks, unlike LCD TVs. But Pink Sweat$ has another reason for wanting to spread the word about LG’s unique technology – the R&B star is known for his appreciation of K-pop and Korean culture.

Alongside the OLED Bliss advertising campaign, LG is also offering dozens of prizes, including OLED TVs, via two contests. The first involved the giveaway of numerous 48-inch LG OLED TVs that are popular with gamers, with participants invited to comment on LG’s Instagram account on what makes OLED so special for gaming and movies. That contest closed in October, and multiple winners were chosen from over 5,000 Instagram comments.

The second contest, still running, is intended to spread the OLED Bliss experience to a younger audience, LG said. The #DuetYourBliss event encourages fans to take on the global Pink Sweat$ challenges and make a video of themselves singing along to the lyrics on “OLED passion points” in “I Feel Good” using the Remix feature on Instagram Reels. Users must then upload their video with the official event hashtags #OLEDBLISS and #DuetYourBLISS. LG said the event runs until Nov. 28, after which it will select 58 winners who’ll receive various prizes, including a 65-inch and 77-inch OLED TV, an Xbox Series S console and more besides.


Users can find the remix song along with the step-by-step video guide on the OLED Space official Instagram page (@oled_space) and Pink Sweat$’s official Instagram page (@pinksweats).

LG Display’s vice president and head of TV Sales Group KJ Kim said he is delighted to share the bliss of OLED with younger consumers by collaborating with such a talented artist as Pink Sweat$. “With Pink Sweat$ the face of the campaign, we aim to make more people better aware of OLED’s best-in-class gaming and movie experiences, and able to experience the power of OLED for themselves,” he said.