LG OLED displays achieve Accurate Picture Quality certification

Mike Wheatley

LG Display announced Monday that its OLED displays have earned yet another award, landing an Accurate Picture Quality certification from Intertek.


Intertek is a U.K.-based global test and certification body for OLED display panels. The APQ certification is awarded to panels that are able to precisely realize the picture quality intended by content producers.

Intertek said its test is based on three categories, including colour fidelity, black luminance and viewing angle colour-shift.

The colour fidelity test evaluates how closely the colours produced by the display panel match the intention of the content producer. Intertek selected 729 colours at random and evaluated the difference between the original and the actual colour produced in terms of lightness, chroma and hue. The performance is then rated on a sliding scale, with a score of 0 to 1 meaning that the difference is difficult even for experts to discern; 1 to 3 meaning the difference can be distinguished by experts, and 3 or higher representing a level of variation that can be noticed by the general public.

Intertek said LG’s OLED panels scored between 0.79 and 0.94, which means the colours they produce are indistinguishable from the creator’s original intent, and three-times better than the average LCD TV display.

LG Display said this puts its OLED screens on a par with professional reference monitors used for colour correction in movie productions.

“Because each one of tens of millions of pixels in an OLED TV is self-controlled and lights up on its own, they accurately express colours without distortion, whether it be an orange sky on Mars or an emerald sea that video producers intend to portray,” the company said.

LG’s OLED panels also achieved a perfect score in the Black Luminance test, while the Viewing Angle Colour Shift test showed the same image quality from the left and right sides as when viewing directly from the front.

Last year, LG’s OLED displays were awarded an “Eye Comfort Display” certification from TÜV Rheinland for their low blue light emissions and flicker-free status, which confirms that they’re easier on the eye than other kinds of display panels.

“As an increasing number of people are enjoying movies, arts, and performances on their TVs with the spread of the non-contact trend, the importance of a TV’s accurate representation of picture continues to grow,” said Dr. Chang-ho Oh, Senior Vice President & Head of the TV Business Unit at LG Display. “LG Display will actively promote the exceptional quality of OLED TVs to consumers and further accelerate the OLED trend.”