LG Electronics reveals EU pricing for its 2022 QNED TVs

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics has revealed EU prices for most of its 2022 QNED TV lineup, and it looks as if they’re going to cost quite a bit more than last year’s equivalents.


While the company has yet to announce its U.S. or U.K. prices, a quick 1:1 conversion shows that buyers in those regions may want to brace themselves for a bit of a bump.

FlatpanelsHD cites LG Germany (via 4KFilme.de) as saying that the up and coming LG QNED90 2022, which will be the flagship 4K QNED model this year, will go on sale at €2,500 for the 65-inch model, rising to €3,800 for the 75-inch version and €5,700 for the largest 86-inch model. Using a straight 1:1 conversion then, the likely U.S. prices will be $2,800, $4,200 and $6,200, while U.K. prices will be £2,100, £3,200 and £4,700, respectively.

Last year’s LG QNED90 2021 cost just $1,999, $2,999 and $3,999 in the U.S., so it seems likely that LG is planning a substantial price increase for this year.

LG has yet to announce EU pricing for its 8K LG QNED99 or QNED95 TVs.

Of course we should point out that LG doesn’t always follow with a straight 1:1 conversion when pricing its TVs across regions, so we cannot confirm that this year’s models will cost that much more.

On the face of it though, it seems like what is supposed to be a more affordable alternative to the company’s OLED TVs is becoming somewhat less accessible. At the same time, while this year's OLED TV prices may also rise, that technology has in the last couple of years become a lot more affordable than it wa. Perhaps, just perhaps, this is LG’s way of pushing more people to consider OLED?

That’s not to say the LG QNED TVs won’t be excellent. Although they’re based on LCD panels, the QNED TVs are Mini-LED TVs, meaning they use thousands of miniature LEDs that enable a serious improvement in contrast, similar to Samsung’s best Neo QLED TVs. They also feature 120Hz panels and HDMI 2.1 ports, making them a good option for gamers. There will be more affordable models too, such as the LG QNED 85 and QNED80.