LG Electronics expands its lifestyle range with the Posé OLED TV

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics is expanding its “Lifestyle” TV lineup in what looks like a bid to compete with Samsung Electronics. Along with its previously announced Easel (Art90) TV, the company has unveiled a new Posé OLED TV that will be available in 42-, 48- and 55-inch sizes.


The LG Posé OLED TV features the company’s most advanced OLED display panel as well as the very latest picture processing technology in a luxurious design that’s meant to resemble “a high-end furniture piece or art object”, the company explained. It’s also designed to look good from any angle, LG said, with a clever cable management system to hide all those ugly wires, and even a shelf that can serve as magazine rack on the back.

“The TV provides stunning OLED evo picture quality that remains perfectly consistent when viewed from practically any vantage point,” the company stated.

The LG Posé OLED TV looks a lot like Samsung Electronics’ The Serif and is clearly intended as an alternative to that model. The Serif was first launched way back in 2015, designed by brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. At the time of its launch it was widely considered to be one of the most elegant TVs ever made, not because of its dazzling picture quality, but because of its unique design that attempts to blend in with its surroundings. Rather than the super-thin bezel on most modern TVs, The Serif prizes a thick plastic frame that draws inspiration from the typography used in the serif font.


LG’s Posé sports a very similar looking frame but one of its key capabilities is more akin to another of Samsung’s Lifestyle TVs, the legendary The Frame. When not in use, the Posé can switch to a new “Gallery Mode” that first appeared on this year’s LG G2. With Gallery Mode, users can display pieces of art or photos on a “self-lit” digital canvas, transforming their living room into a “refined art gallery”, the company explained.

Where the LG Posé really sets itself apart though is with its picture quality. Unlike Samsung’s range, which have scaled down QLED displays and processing systems, the “Objet Collection” TVs are both fitted with the latest OLED display technology. They also feature 4K resolution, support for Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and HDMI 2.1.

The LG Objet Collection also includes the 65-inch Easel, which was previously unveiled in December and is a direct rival to The Frame. It features a moveable fabric cover that can hide most of the display when it’s not in use. Part of the inspiration comes from LG’s novel rollable OLED TV too. When the fabric cover is deployed, the TV goes into a “Line view” mode that leaves a small section of the display still visible, revealing apps such as clock, or perhaps the track being played if the user is listening to music.


LG Home Entertainment President Park Hyoung-sei said the Objet Collection delivers “extraordinary experiences and exquisite design”.

“These distinctive TVs set themselves apart from conventional TVs with their unique form factors and finishes, and will likely appeal to consumers who understand and appreciate the value of genuine innovation,” he added.

The LG Posé TV will be on display at Milan Design Week from June 7 to June 12, and will launch later in the year. Pricing has not yet been announced but don’t expect them to be cheap.