LG Display's OLED panels achieve industry's first 'Perfect Black' verification

Mike Wheatley

LG Display’s OLED technology has chalked up another impressive milestone, announcing that its panels have been recognized as the only ones in the TV and monitor industry that are capable of achieving perfect blacks in any viewing environment.


As a result of this achievement, LG Display’s OLED panels, which range in size from 42-inches to 97-inches, have been awarded the “Perfect Black” verification by UL Solutions, an organization that develops independent benchmarks to measure the performance and quality of consumer display products.

As LG Display explains in a press release, most consumer displays are impacted by external light when expressing colours, including blacks. As a result of this, the ability to express accurate black levels means its OLED panels can achieve higher colour expression and produce much sharper images than other types of display.

LG Display said UL Solutions evaluated the black levels of various types of consumer display in a brightly illuminated environment of 500 lux, which is roughly similar to the kind of brightness you’d expect to find in a standard living room in broad daylight, with the curtains wide open. Within this environment, LG Display’s OLED panels were shown to deliver black levels of 0.15 nit. That’s around 40% lower than the industry’s standard “Perfect Black” benchmark of 0.24 nit. UL Solutions said LG Display’s OLED panels are the first in the industry to achieve this benchmark.

OLED displays are notably different to LCD panels, as they incorporate self-emissive pixels that can be switched on or off independently. This design helps to ensure minimal light leakage and reduce external light reflections to a minimum. It does this by switching off individual pixels to achieve perfect black levels and infinite contract, producing a “true image” that's neither distorted nor exaggerated.

The latest verification adds to OLED’s “100% Colour Fidelity” verification from Intertek, which is a global product testing and certification firm. That certification highlights OLED’s unique ability to accurately express images in terms of their colour chromaticity, chroma and brightness.

Jin Min-kyu, Head of Life Display Promotion Division at LG Display, said UL Solutions’ tests show that the company’s OLED displays are the first in the industry to achieve perfect black levels. “Utilizing the recent verification from UL Solutions, we will continue to actively promote the excellent image quality of OLED,” he said.