LG Display partners with pro eSports team DRX on OLED gaming

Mike Wheatley

LG Display is partnering with one of the world’s top eSports teams, DRX, to try and help give it an edge over its rivals at the highest level of competitive gaming. As DRX’s new sponsor, LG Display will provide its team members with its latest OLED gaming panels to ensure they benefit from the very best in picture quality, low lag and eye comfort while competing for the biggest honours in eSports.


The DRX team achieved recognition last year for its historic run in the Leagues of Legends World Championship 2022, and now LG Display will support its squad players in tournaments for hit games like Valorant, Tekken and Warcraft 3.

LG’s support comes in the shape of its high-performance OLED gaming displays, including its latest 27-inch OLED and 45-inch Ultrawide OLED monitors. In the extremely competitive world of eSports, players need to make the most of every single advantage and LG says they’ll benefit from its incredibly realistic graphics, with true-to-life colours and deep blacks ensuring that every detail of the on-screen action is rendered with high clarity.

Moreover, LG’s OLED displays sport a lightning-fast 0.03 ms response time and 240Hz refresh rates to ensure flawless screen transitions and super smooth images at all times, meaning DRX players will never be hindered by gameplay lag.

Another advantage of LG’s displays is that they come with a specialised gaming polarizer that eliminates distracting screen reflections, so players can remain fully focused on the on-screen action. Added to this is OLED’s unique flexibility, which enables users to adjust the screen curvature of their monitors by up to 800R so as to get the most optimal perspective.

“Thanks to this completely unique feature, gamers can enjoy any game genre without limitations,” LG Display said in a blog post. “Avid players can finally experience the completely immersive experience supplied by OLED with all their games.”

Finally, LG said its OLED gaming monitors also prioritize eye comfort, an especially important feature for professional gamers whose sessions will often drag on for hours. Its monitors have been certified as emitting much lower blue light than other forms of display technology, while remaining free of flickers and glare. It means gaming is much easier on the eye, resulting in no eye strain and headaches.

LG Display said its partnership with DRX underscores how OLED is fast becoming the display tech of choice for professional gamers, and promised to announce more exciting partnerships in future as it bids to accelerate adoption of its technology.