LG Display equips retail store with a transparent OLED floor

Mike Wheatley

Display maker LG Display has come up with yet another innovative use case for its transparent OLED technology, embedding the displays into the floor at a K-pop-themed retail store in South Korea.


The company said this week it has created a transparent OLED T-floor at a new flagship store opened by SM Brand Marketing, a subsidiary of the popular K-pop agency SM Entertainment.

The KWANGYA@SEOUL store is located in Seonsu-dong in Seoul and has been compared to a “physical metaverse” where the physical and virtual worlds can co-exist.

That description might be a tad over-the-top but LG Display insisted that the transparent OLED floor creates a “dreamy atmosphere”, with SM Entertainment adding to the feeling by pumping out classic K-pop hits as customers wander around the store.

The T-floor solution is made up of 33 transparent OLED panels that are embedded across the entire floor. The individual displays showcase videos of K-pop artists and images from the K-pop themed KWANGYA universe, including waves, dust storms, typo designs and other computer elements. Adding to the effect, autographed albums and light sticks are placed behind the transparent OLED displays to enhance the video presented.

At the entrance to the store, LG Display has added transparent showcases that highlight recent album releases and toy characters. Those objects are also placed behind the displays to enhance the content they show.


According to LG Display, its transparent OLED technology is ideal for this kind of installation, firstly because it’s see-through, and secondly because it generates much less heat than LED displays. For the installation, LG Display applied specially tempered glass to the panels so they can withstand the weight of heavy furniture and visitors trampling over them. The company said its panels have a transparency of 45%, ensuring a clear view of the objects placed behind them.

Best of all, LG Display said its T-floor solution can be expanded to fit any size retail store simply by adding more transparent OLED panels. There is no limit to how big it can potentially go, the company said.