LG Display Donates £100,000 To The NSPCC

Mike Wheatley

LG Display says it’s donating over £100,000 to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children following a charity fund raising event held at the luxury Harrod’s department store that concluded earlier this month.


LG’s OLED Charity event ran from July 29 to September 1. The company set up a charity window at Door 5 of Harrods, featuring a hand-shaped icon that shoppers could simply touch if they wanted to make a donation to the charity. For each touch, LG would donate 10 pence to the NSPCC. In addition, people could also earn donations for the same cause on Instagram just by downloading and reposting “OLED Ocular Guard” pictures from LG’s OLED Space together with the hashtags “#OLEDCares”, “#OcularGuard”, and “#itsOLEDorOLED”. The OLED Space is a website ran by the company that promotes the benefits of OLED technology.

LG said it raised a total of £106,527.60 throughout the event. The money will be used by the NSPCC to fund programs designed to help protect children from abuse and neglect, including Childline, Speak Out and Stay Safe. It will also be used to help fund individual NSPCC service centres across the country.

Other brands, including LG Electronics, Philips, Panasonic and Bang & Olufsen have also done their bit, donating a number of OLED TVs to the charity, which will be installed at childcare centres in London.

The charity fundraiser was held as part of wider initiative that saw LG Display and Harrods team up to educate consumers on the advantages of OLED display technology. These advantages include OLED’s brighter colours and more accurate contrast ratio, as well as its “thinnovative” (or slim) design, its “everywhere view”, which translates to wider viewing angles, and its “ocular guard”, which means it’s less harmful to human eyes than traditional LCD display technology.

Proof of this last claim came from the testing and certification authority TÜV Rheinland earlier this year. It said that OLED provides more optimal brightness and less blue light that other display types, which means less eye fatigue.

LG Display’s vice president and head of global OLED promotion KJ Kim said the company was delighted to make its charitable contribution to children in need.

“LG Display will continue to work with Harrods, the world’s most high-end retailer, to further promote OLED technology that creates a better life for consumers by offering premium value,” Kim said.