LG Black Friday Deal: OLED TV Buyers Get Steep Discounts on Sky Q

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics has teamed up with Sky on one of the most tempting Black Friday treats we’ve seen so far – it’s offering steep discounts on subscriptions to Sky Q for anyone who buys one of its 2019 OLED TVs.


The offer is pretty simple, and is available to anyone who buys an LG OLED TV, be it online or at any high street retailer. All the buyer has to do is go to tvoffer.sky.com and register their purchase using the serial number of their new TV, and they’ll be entitled to some big savings on the basic Sky Q Entertainment package with added HD.

The Sky Q Entertainment package typically costs £40 a month, and the exact discount buyers will be entitled to will depend on which LG OLED TV they buy. Those who purchase the entry level LG B9 OLED will get a 33% for 18 months, while the LG C9 sees that discount go up to 50%. And anyone who opts for the flagship LG E9 OLED will get the entire package thrown in free of charge, LG said.

The deal unfortunately doesn’t cover extras such as Sky Sports or Sky Cinema, but those packages are also being discounted by Sky in separate Black Friday deals, so there really are some huge savings to be had for those who decide to buy now. And LG’s OLED TVs are already subject to some big discounts from a variety of retailers this Black Friday.

The good news is that LG’s offer actually extends past Black Friday and will run until the 23rd of January next year. That means you won’t have to forsake your kids’ Christmas presents to take advantage of the offer, and can instead wait until the January sales kick in and get your LG OLED at a steep discount too.