JVC's first ever U.K. Roku TVs have arrived

Mike Wheatley

JVC has announced it’s launching its first batch of Roku TVs in the U.K., and it has no less than four models to choose from.


The JVC Roku TVs are a fairly affordable option, meaning they lack many of the premium features found in other, high-end TVs from brands like Sony, Samsung and LG. That said, they look to be pretty competitive in terms of the market segment they’re aimed at.

The new models include the JVC LT-24CR230 and LT-32CR330, which are 24-inch and 32-inch HD displays, as well as the LT-40CR330 and LT-43CR330, which are Full HD displays of 40-inches and 43-inches, respectively.

JVC said all four of the TVs are equipped with 60Hz Direct Lit LED displays and support HDR10 and HLG high dynamic range formats. The native contrast ratios vary between 3000:1 and 5000:1, depending on the size, and the HD models can hit a peak brightness of 250 nits, versus 300 nits on the Full HD options.

In terms of audio, the JVC Roku TVs feature twin 16W speakers and they have three HDMI connectivity ports, though these are restricted to HDMI 1.4 with ARC. Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity are also available, and there are a couple of USB-2.0 ports as well.

One of the biggest draws is the Roku TV operating system itself, which provides access to all major internet streaming services and Freeview Play also pre-installed. Some viewers will also appreciate the availability of The Roku Channel, which is Roku’s very own ad-supported TV service that provides access to various live channels of different genres.

Roku made its own announcement to coincide with the debut of its first JVC-made TVs in the U.K., saying it’s giving customers the option to test ITVX Premium through a free, 30-day trial. The offer is available to all Roku TV users, and provides access to the most exclusive ITV content, the ability to download shows, and removes the adverts from anything that’s watched on-demand. Roku TV users can take advantage of the offer until January 31, although be aware that you must provide a valid payment method and then cancel in order to prevent the £5.99 monthly fee from being withdrawn.

It’s a nice little freebie that combines with some very competitive prices, making the JVC Roku TVs a decent option for those looking for a second screen for the kitchen or a bedroom, perhaps. The 24-inch HD model is priced £169, while the 32-inch HD screen will cost £249. The 40-inch Full HD model is retailing for £299, while the biggest 43-inch Full HD TV will set you back £329.

The range is exclusively being sold online by JVC’s U.K. retail partner Currys, but it will also be available in various physical retail stores across the U.K.