Hisense announces tempting Black Friday deals for its mid-range TVs

Mike Wheatley

The Black Friday TV deals are coming thick and fast, but while the likes of Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Sony and Philips are hogging the limelight with hundreds of pounds slashed off the price of their premium OLED and Mini-LED models, Hisense is targeting an alternative segment of the market with some big discounts on its more affordable display.


The Chinese firm is instead targeting buyers with more limited budgets with some serious discounts on three of its popular mid-range LCD models, making already very affordable TVs all the more tempting buys. For those who lack the funds to splash out on a high-end model, Hisense's A series TVs are well worth a look.

Perhaps the most tempting option is the Hisense A7G 4K TV, which is the most featured of the three models and offers the greatest savings. It’s a more than capable-looking QLED TV that should also be a pretty decent option for video games enthusiasts. Hisense said the biggest, 75-inch A7G can be had now for just £949 instead of the usual £1,199 it normally sells for.

That price point might be too low for HDMI 2.1 wizardry but Hisense nonetheless highlights the A7G’s dedicated Gaming Mode, which provides an input lag of less than 20ms to ensure very smooth gameplay. You’ll also get Dolby Vision HDR, surround sound in the shape of DTS Virtual: X, a dedicated sports mode and a promise of 178-degree visibility, which means extremely wide viewing angles, making it a great choice for those who enjoy watching movies during large family get-togethers. The Hisense A7G is also available in 43-, 50-, 55-, 58- and 65-inch options.

Those who aren’t into their video games may consider the more affordable Hisense A6G to be the more sensible choice. With the 75-inch model selling for a cheaper price tag of just £799, reduced from £899, buyers will be getting their hands on an extremely affordable big-screen 4K resolution LCD TV. The A6G lacks the QLED display of its more premium brethren and there’s no Gaming Mode, but the Sports mode is present and correct, as is Dolby Vision HDR and DTS Virtual: X surround sound.

The third and final cut-price offering from Hisense today concerns the A7100F, which normally costs £499 but is now selling for just £399 for a 55-inch model. While it lacks the low-lag gaming and Dolby Vision HDR features, it does support regular HDR and it also comes with built in Alexa so users can control the TV entirely with their voice. The Hisense A7100F also boasts Freeview Play, so users can rest assured they’ll always be able to find something to watch.