Grundig brings back its premium FineArts TVs with Vision 8+ London CQA 8490

Mike Wheatley

German electronics brand Grundig is moving back into the premium TV segment, announcing the resurrection of its once highly-regarded FineArts lineup of high-end TV sets, which debuted way back in the 1980s.


Grundig sunsetted its FineArts TVs in the early 2000s, when it shifted to focus on lower-end TV sets. It has been doing that ever since, but is now eying higher-end consumers once again with its new Grundig Vision 8+ London CQA 8490 model.

Like all good premium non-OLED TVs, the Grundig Vision 8+ London CQA 8490 offers a QLED panel and support for High Dynamic Range formats and HDMI 2.1 features.

The TV is Grundig’s first-ever model to come with Samsung’s Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes, or QLEDs, which ensure super-deep blacks, great contrast and superior viewing angles when compared with regular LCD displays. So it promises to deliver vivid, sharp and high contrast detail in every kind of setting.

The Grundig Vision 8+ London CQA 8490 will support HDR10+ and Dolby Vision IQ, the two most premium HDR formats, while the display is capable of adjusting brightness and other aspects of the picture on the fly, responding to the ambient conditions in the living room.

Meanwhile, the QLED panel has a 120Hz refresh rate, making it a great choice for those who want a slick and responsive display for gaming. With its HDMI 2.1 ports, it supports gaming features such as Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low-Latency Mode, while audio should be impressive too, thanks to Grundig’s partnership with the speaker specialist ELAC to provide immersive sound.

The model is stylish too, with a rotating centre stand that makes it simple to adjust the angle to suit wherever the viewer is sitting. The TV runs the Google TV operating system, which provides access to dozens of streaming apps and Google Assistant for voice-activated controls. In addition, buyers will be able to access Grundig’s Channel Editor app, which makes it possible to create a list of favourite channels for easier access.

Finally, we should highlight the eco-friendly features of the Grundig Vision 8+ London CQA 8490. The back wall of the TV is made from 30% recycled plastic, while the speaker boxes are built with 100% recycled materials. The TVs’ packaging is fully recyclable too. Added to that, Grundig promises that the Vision 8+ will use 23% less energy thanks to the combination of its Ambient Light Eco-Sensor and the Eco Button on the remote control.

Grundig showcased the Vision 8+ London CQA 8490 at IFA 2023 in Berlin this weekend, and said the TV will start shipping in November. The price is yet to be confirmed.