Google TV update boosts performance and frees up storage space

Mike Wheatley

Google is working to remedy problems around the speed of its Google TV software, as well as the lack of storage space on some devices.


An update that’s being rolled out this week looks to address both issues and will eventually make its way to all Google TV devices, the company said. It’s starting with Chromecast with Google TV, Sony, TCL, Hisense and Realme, with devices from other brands to follow.

In a blog post, the company explained that it has listened to user’s feedback and that it’s making improvements where users have demanded them. One of the most important changes is that new content will load faster.

"Through CPU optimizations and improvements to cache management, we’ve reduced the time it takes for the Google TV home screen to load at startup so you can start browsing shows and movies faster,” Google explained. “These improvements have started to roll out and will be available on all devices over time."

In addition, Google has introduced more responsive scrolling in tabs and faster switching between tabs. Moreover, the Live tab, Kids profiles and individual applications on kids profiles will load faster, the company said.

These improvements have been made possible by a reduction in Google TV’s usage of RAM, the company explained.

Google TV’s storage issues have also been remedied, according to the company. Earlier this month, it was reported that Google will request that its partners ship new Android 13 devices - which will launch next year - with at least 16GB of storage space, rather than the 8GB that most devices ship with today.

While that move will ensure less problems for future devices, it doesn’t do much to help people who are struggling with a lack of storage space on their existing Google TVs. So those people will be pleased to know that Google is adding a new function that helps them to quickly free up storage space whenever it’s needed.

The new “Free up storage” menu appears in the Settings and gives users a way to quickly clear their cache and uninstall applications they’re not using. It will suggest which apps to install based on how often they’re being used, giving users a way to maximize their storage space. The feature is available now on Chromecast with Google TV devices and will come soon to Google TV-powered smart TVs as well. Just go to Settings > System > Storage > Free up storage, and from there you can clear the cache and delete apps to free up space for new apps and updates.

Google has also introduced a new automated background process that attempts to free up storage space, as well as improvements to new app installations that can help to reduce the amount of space they take up.