Google TV update adds new content pages + easier profile switching

Mike Wheatley

The Google TV operating system that powers Google’s Chromecast streaming sticks and 4K smart TVs from companies including Sony, Hisense, TCL and Philips, is getting a decent little update that should help users to get past some of the on-screen clutter and find content more easily.


In a blog post, Google explained that its research shows that the average household uses five different apps to access TV content. As such, it has launched four new content pages in Google TV that it says will help users to find more things to watch, without jumping from app to app.

They include the new Movies page, which allows users to search for films by genre, title or topic, and also displays new releases and trending movies. Of course, it personalises its recommendations to each user based on their profile.

The Shows page presents a list of TV shows from services the user’s are subscribed to. Once again, it shows trending shows and new series that have been released recently, based on the user’s tastes. Then there’s a Family page, which collects movies and shows with PG or lower ratings all in one place, making it easier to find suitable entertainment that parents can watch together with their kids.

Finally, there’s an Espanol page that bundles Spanish-language shows and movies in one place, covering everything from films to telenovelas. It’s also a place where users can find Spanish-language apps, Google said.

Google said the new pages will be made available to Google TV users in the U.S. first of all, located below the apps row within the “For You” tab. In addition, the update will introduce some navigational improvements, with a more accessible profile switcher at the top left of the screen letting users easily get to their own content. There’s also a new Search button that will appear on the top right corner. Those two changes are being introduced globally now, so users in the U.K. and elsewhere don’t need to wait.

It’s a welcome update that should make life easier for Google TV users, and it comes at a time when Google is reportedly stepping up the on-screen ads it shows, so it may help people wade through those and find something to watch more quickly. The new pages also seem to limit content recommendations to only the services users have already signed up for, which will be another bonus for some.