Google Home app update brings Android TV remote controls to iOS

Mike Wheatley

Following an update to the iOS version of the Google Home app, iPad and iPhone users now have access to remote control functionality. It means those devices can now be used to control Android TV and Google TV devices, including the latest Chromecast and Nvidia Shield, as well as TVs.


Google brought remote control functionality to Google Home to Android last year after discontinuing the Android TV app on both Android and iOS devices.

Now, iPad and iPhone users have access to the same features on Google Home and can use the app to navigate their TV interface and search for content. Google Assistant is also supported so it’s possible to use iOS devices for voice search.

“Control Chromecast with Google TV using a remote built into the Home app. Navigate through apps and content, and type in what you’re looking for," Google said.

To set things up, proceed to the Google Home app then click on the device that you’re hoping to control. Once you click on the device’s name, click the “Remote” option at the bottom of the menu and you’ll be able to pair your iOS device with the TV, dongle or set-top box. The exact controls you’ll see on the screen will depend on which Android TV or Google TV device you’re interacting with.

Google said if you use the Google Home app to control Chromecast, you’ll also be able to control the Ambient mode, which showcases various works of art or images from your phone’s gallery when it’s not being used to watch TV.

Of course, it’s perfectly possible to continue using your standard remote control, the Google Home app is just a second option – but certainly useful if you’re one of those people who’s constantly losing things in the sofa.

The Google Home app for iOS can be downloaded here.