Formovie's latest ultra-short throw projector integrates B&W sound system

Mike Wheatley

U.K. audio specialist Bowers & Wilkins has teamed up with the Chinese brand Formovie, a Xiaomi Technology company, to create a high performing ultra-short throw laser projector with an integrated sound system.


The companies announced the Formovie T1 with integrated B&W sound tech earlier this week, saying it will transform the projector market by providing the same, high-quality sound that’s normally only available through a soundbar or external speaker system.

Ultra-short throw projectors are increasingly popular as they make it possible to enjoy a big-screen experience in the smallest of spaces. In this case, the Formovie T1, with its ultra-short throw ratio of 0.23.1, is able to throw up a massive 100-inch image when the main projector is placed just 20 cm from a wall or screen.

The Formovie T1 delivers a 4K UHD PQ picture thanks to its integrated ALPD GB+ laser display and TI DLP image tech, with a maximum brightness of 2,800 lumens. It also offers a wide colour gamut with a native contrast ration of 3000:1 and smooth motion, the company said.

Other features include HDR10, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision support, ensuring extremely realistic images. The projector also supports DTS HD decoding, and is contained in a compact body that measures just 540 x 330 x 107mm.

Formovie notes in its press release that its laser projects are among the first in the world to receive THX certification and Dolby Vision approval.

As for the Bowers & Wilkins sound system, this is made up of two forward firing 70mm glass-fiber LF/MF drivers, plus two 20mm titanium tweeters mounted in their own rigid ABD+GF enclosures, located at the outer edges of the front baffle to ensure proper sound dispersion.

The two bass/mid drivers are ported to the sides of the projector and powered by B&W’s Flowport technology, while the tweeters are protected by a proprietary, high transparency speaker mesh. The company specifies a high quality, 2 x 15 watt TI amplifier and Dolby MS12 decoder, plus discrete sound modes precisely calibrated by its engineering team.

“We are delighted to be able to partner with Bowers & Wilkins as the world’s leading specialist audio brand,” said Formovie Business Development Director Mike Liu. “Together we have created an excellent product that redefines what is currently available in the marketplace.”

Bowers & Wilkin’s has a history of integrating its sound system with AV products. Notably, it has an established partnership with TP Vision that has seen it integrate its sound systems on a number of high-end Philips OLED TVs.

At present, the Formovie T1 is only available to buy in China, though we’re hopeful that with B&W’s involvement, it may one day go on sale in the U.K. too.