Epson debuts EpiqVision Ultra LS650 projector with 3,600 lumens

Mike Wheatley

Epson is adding to its ultra-short throw projector lineup with a new model called the EpiqVision Ultra LS650 Smart Streaming Laser Projector, which is a midline option that slots in between the existing LS500 and LS800 models.


Like Epson’s other EpiqVision projectors, the LS650 is based on the company’s 3-chip 3LCD technology, and capable of delivering an image of up to 120-inches diagonally with 3,600 lumens of brightness. The specifications fall just short of Epson’s LS800.

The LS650 has a slightly longer throw ratio than the LS800, which means it has to be placed at 10.5 inches away from the wall or projector screen to throw up a 100-inch image screen. In contrast, the LS800 can be placed just 3.9 inches away. But once in position, the LS650’s setup can be completed using the iOS or Android companion app, which will take care of the complex geometric corrections to ensure a perfect picture.

According to Epson, the LS650 uses 4K PRO-UHD2 technology with advanced pixel-shifting to output extremely detailed 4K resolution pictures. There is support for the HDR10 and HLG high dynamic range formats, there are dual HDMI ports, with one supporting eARC. The projector runs Android TV, which provides access to streaming services such as Netflix and all the rest, and there is Google Assistant on board for voice controls.

Epson claims that its UST projectors are an all-in-one home cinema platform, and to enable this they pack a decent 2.1 virtual surround sound system built by Yamaha. The speakers are wrapped with a metal grille design that provides a step up not only visually, but also in terms of audio quality, compared to the fabric mesh grilles found on most other projectors.

As for pricing, the Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS650 is set to retail at £2,299 in the U.K. when it ships in October. There are two colour options, black and white.

Epson’s LS800 received some rave reviews when it launched earlier this year, and it boasted 4,000 lumens light output, making it just about the brightest UST projector money can buy, sufficient for even bright, sun-splashed living rooms. The Epson LS650 falls just a tad short of that with its 3,600 lumens-rated brightness, but it should still be good enough for most situations. At the same time, it will also provide considerable savings, as the Epson LS800 carries a much heftier price tag of £3,199.