EE launches EE TV streaming box and Apple TV 4K app

Mike Wheatley

BT’s EE has thrown down the gauntlet to other streaming services in the U.K. with the launch of a new set-top box, multi-room TV box and Apple TV 4K application.


The company is looking to rival Sky, which has itself recently branched out into streaming with the launch of its dedicated Sky Glass TVs and Sky Stream services. EE TV works similarly, with no aerial required, and it can be integrated with other streaming apps to act as a smart TV platform in its own right.

EE is giving consumers a few options to access its new service. With the launch of the EE TV app on Apple TV 4K, users can access its streaming services without needing to purchase any dedicated hardware. It can be thought of as a comprehensive TV hub for UK services, as users won’t need to switch between separate apps to access BBC, ITV, Channel 4 or other programming. In that way, it’s similar to something like Freeview Play.

Because it’s available on the Apple TV 4K, we can expect to see EE TV integrated with other Apple services in future, such as Apple Music and Apple Arcade. EE highlights the Apple TV 4K’s ability to stream content in 4K resolution with support for Dolby Vision, HDR 10+ and HDR10, as well as Dolby Atmos surround sound, which suggests it will be looking to take advantage of those features with some of its content.

It isn’t clear yet if EE TV also plans to bring the app to other streaming platforms such as the Google Chromecast with Google TV or the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max. For now, Apple gets the exclusive treatment.

However, the other way to access EE TV is by purchasing a dedicated set-top box, the EE TV Box Pro. This is like a traditional streaming media player that requires Wi-Fi connectivity. Users also have the option to purchase an additional EE TV Box Mini, which can be placed in other rooms in the house so the service can be accessed there too.

With the EE TV Box Pro, users can watch, pause, rewind and save up to 600 hours of live TV, view on-demand catch up TV and streaming apps, and access a 7-day scroll back on the live TV guide. In addition, there’s a centralised search feature for locating content across the entire platform, which is perfect for those who like to bounce between apps.

The EE TV Box Mini provides the same functionality for other rooms where there’s a TV installed, and EE said it will give away one for free with many of its subscription packages.

There are quite a few options for subscribers, with the basic Sport and Entertainment packages starting at £18 and £20, respectively, per month, and “Big Sport” and “Big Entertainment” packages costing £43 and £30 per month. The most complete package, Full Works, will cost £76.