Dough's Spectrum ES07E2D OLED display to support 240Hz BFI

Mike Wheatley

OLED monitor maker Dough claims to have gotten 240Hz Black Frame Insertion with up to 120fps content working on its upcoming 27-inch display.


The company announced the Spectrum ES07E2D in December 2022, saying it’s based on the same 27-inch White OLED panel built by LG Display that’s used in other 27-inch OLED gaming monitors available to buy. However, Dough’s product is unique in that it’s the first to have a glossy AR coating.

Dough now says it has achieved a second industry first with the Spectrum ES07E2D OLED monitor. It claims to have implemented 240Hz BFI that reduces pixel persistence and motion blur. This occurs because intermediate black frames help to continuously reset the human eye, making the motion appear to be much sharper than it is on a regular display.

You can see how BFI impacts human eye-tracking blur on this TEST UFO demo from Blur Busters.

The company said in a blog post it is “excited” to announce its successful implementation of BFI in the Spectrum ES07E2D OLED display at up to 120fps, and will continue refining the technology to achieve better performance.

BFI works by inserting a black frame between each image refresh, which explains why the company refers to it as 240Hz BFI. It will therefore work perfectly with 120fps gaming, the company said as every second refresh inserts a black frame.

Dough does admit that there are some downsides to using BFI, namely increased flicker and a slight reduction in the display’s brightness. However, users will have the option to switch BFI off and run the monitor at 240Hz.

“Despite the limitations the results speak for themselves, and any game that doesn’t run at more than 120fps will look amazingly blur-free on the Spectrum,” the company stated.

Buyers should be aware that Dough was formerly known as “Eve” before rebranding itself, and that it has a somewhat iffy reputation, with forums such as Reddit being bombarded with complaints from users about some of its earlier products.

That said, if blur reduction is something that you’d be interested in seeing, the 27-inch Dough Spectrum ES07E2D may still be worth a look. The monitor is available for presale at just $749, and will be priced at $1,099 when it goes on sale in July.