DTS Play-Fi adds support for Dolby Atmos and more channels

Mike Wheatley

The audio wizardry giant DTS has announced a major update to its Play-Fi wireless sound ecosystem. The company, a subsidiary of Xperi, which also owns the TiVo brand, said today’s update enables the platform to support 12 channels, with speaker layouts up to 7.2.4, providing an even more immersive surround sound experience than ever before.


The update will be rolled out globally, except for the U.S., and will mean that DTS Play-Fi compatible TVs will be better able to support surround sound formats such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and IMAX Enhanced, working with supported wireless speakers – so there’s no need for unsightly cables anymore.

DTS said the update will work with all Play-Fi compatible speakers, regardless of the brand, so consumers will be able to mix and match various wireless speakers, soundbars and other systems without being restricted to a specific company’s offerings.

In addition, users will even have the option to utilise the TVs’ own built-in speakers as part of a wider DTS Play-Fi setup. However, a soundbar will likely provide superior quality audio than the TV’s internal sound system.

According to DTS, the update will come to select 2023 Philips TVs first. Those models are expected to launch in the coming months. As for Play-Fi speakers, no specific brand is being favored, so the update will work with every type from the moment it becomes available.

With the update, DTS is aiming to become the preferred platform for wireless audio systems. It offers Hi-res audio that works with a wide range of music streaming services, such as Spotify, Tidal and Napster, as well as TV streaming services. It supports multiple brands too, including Philps, Arcam, HP and Rotel to name just a few. At IFA 2022 last year, it listed more than 400 compatible products from over 30 brands and that number is likely to increase this year.

By enabling consumers to mix and match speaker brands, they have full freedom to buy products from their favorite brands, knowing full well that they can work with any others they have in a highly capable wireless sound set up. This solves the frustrating problem of having to buy products within a specific audio ecosystem. Now, you can combine the very best speakers from brands like Klipsch, Harman Kardon and Philips, in any way you wish.

Another benefit of DTS Play-Fi is it supports Dolby Atmos surround sound, despite that format being a rival to its own DTS:X technology. It’s crucial because Dolby Atmos is much more common than DTS:X, supported by big streaming platforms such as Netflix and Disney Plus. DTS is clearly looking to cater to all kinds of consumers when it comes to wireless sound, and that can only be a good thing!