C-Seed announces the world's first foldable MicroLED TV

Mike Wheatley

The high-end luxury TV maker C-Seed has just debuted what might well be the coolest TV ever made with the launch of the world’s first folding MicroLED display.


C-Seed is an Austrian firm that specialises in creating super-luxurious televisions that incorporate the most advanced display technologies for extremely rich customers, and the seven-foot tall, 165-inch C-Seed M1 certainly fits the bill.

Concealed entirely in the floor when not in use, the C-Seed M1 is an impressive sight to behold, rising silently from the ground like when switched on, unfolding four panels to create an enormous 4K HDR display that locks into place. It’s almost like a Transformer that turns into a TV, but it comes with the added benefit of not using up any room when it’s not in use.

"Big wall-mounted TV screens are an anachronism in modern interior design," SAID C-Seed co-founder Alexander Swatek told What-HiFi. "Therefore, C-Seed took a totally different path and came up with a revolutionary design."

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the C-Seed M1 sports a MicroLED display that delivers crystal-clear picture quality with more brightness than OLED. What’s more, the screen has been coated with a special surface display that ensures the richness and accuracy of black areas, while C-Seed’s proprietary Adaptive Gap Calibration Technology helps to ensure that no gaps are visible between each of the folding panels that make up the screen.

The set sports an “aviation-grade” aluminium frame and comes with a pair of 250-watt speakers plus an integrated 700-watt subwoofer to create immersive audio.

C-Seed said the M1 will be available in a choice of black, gold, silver and matte Titan colours when it goes on sale in July 2021, but the price range will not surprisingly put it out of most consumer’s reach, with the company asking for a cool $400,000 (£290,000) for the privilege of owning one.

For those who can actually afford to pay that sky-high price tag, the more pressing challenge might be digging a hole in the marble-clad floor of their luxury penthouse to fit the M1 inside it.