Buy a Hisense TV and you might just win tickets to the Euro 2020 Final

Mike Wheatley

Hisense is hoping it can entice football fans to buy one of its new TVs with the promise of free tickets to the UEFA Euro 2020 Final for lucky winners of a new prize draw it has announced.


To enter in the prize draw you’ll need to purchase one of the company’s qualifying products, which, luckily for TV enthusiasts, includes several models from its latest 2021 range of televisions.

Hisense’s 2021 TVs are pretty compelling offerings. The range includes its flagship ULED TVs, which are dual cell TVs that fuse two panels together, specifically a special luminance panel behind an 8K or 4k grayscale panel, so as to output a monochrome image and a coloured one at the same time, allowing it to manage grayscale and colour more precisely for a better overall picture.

The flagship model in Hisense’s ULED range this year is the Hisense U9GQ 8K TV that’s available in a single 75-inch size and throws in artificial intelligence based processing and upscaling. The company has also announced a new A7GQ OLED TV for this year, and the Hisense A7GQ ULED TV is another model that gets a mention and will be included in the prize draw.

Hisense is however, perhaps better appreciated for its projectors and the company is updating that range too. The soon to be released TriChroma range will include its new flagship model, the 100L9 Pro Limited Edition projector that’s said to come with a new RGB laser system that packages different coloured lasers separately so they can be controlled individually. Hisense said this will enable a 128% improvement over standard RGB colour, together with 20% more brightness at the pixel level, resulting in 430-nit picture brightness overall.

The top prize in Hisense’s draw is 10 pairs of tickets to the UEFA Euro 2020 Final, complete with a night’s stay at an exclusive 5-star hotel in London. And for the runners up, prizes include 100 of its 55-inch Hisense U7QF QLED TVs, 50 Hisense HS@14 soundbars, 10 RQ758N4SWI1 PureFlat Fridge Freezers and 50 UEFA Replica Training Balls as a consolation.

The company said you can also buy several other products to enter the draw, so if you’re not after a TV, you can opt for a dishwasher or some other home appliance. Hisense has helpfully provided a full list of qualifying products at this link. The products will be on sale at participating retailers such as Amazon,, Argos, Currys and John Lewis, Hisense said.

To be entered into the draw you’ll need to make sure that whatever product you purchase is bought between April 28 and May 28, and then apply to enter the contest before June 26.

“At Hisense, we’re always looking to deliver more value for our customers,” said Hisense UK’s head of marketing Arun Bhatoye. “We’re delighted to announce this fantastic range of promotions, which ensure that our customers are getting even more when buying a broad range of Hisense products. As a sponsor of Euro 2020, we are particularly excited to give fans the opportunity to attend the UEFA Euro 2020 Final with a money can’t buy experience.”