Boosteroid to launch 4K/120fps streaming in the new year

Mike Wheatley

The Boosteroid video game streaming service has announced the upcoming availability of a new and higher subscription tier that supports gaming in 4K resolution at up to 120 frames-per-second, with support for ray-tracing graphics.


Boosteroid is a service that enables gaming fans to stream titles they already own on Steam, Epic and in other stores directly to their TV or PC. Unlike the Xbox app, which offers a game library as part of its subscriptions, Boosteroid is for streaming games you already own.

In other words, it’s really more of a powerful, cloud-hosted PC that can be accessed to stream games over the web to any kind of device, so you don’t need to own a powerful PC at home, similar to Nvidia’s GeForce streaming services.

The cloud-gaming news website Cloud Dosage says Boosteroid has recently started teasing users with the offer of a new “Ultra” subscription tier that supports streaming at 4K resolution in up to 120fps.

According to the report, Boosterid’s Ultra subscription tier will cost €17.89 a month, reduced to €14.98 a month for those who sign up for six months. That’s still cheaper than the premium tier on GeForce Now, which is priced at €22 per month, or €109 for a six-month subscription.

Boosteroid hasn’t said exactly when the new premium tier will become available or which devices will support the higher quality streaming. That said, there’s a good chance Boosteroid will say something more about it during next month’s CES 2024 show, where we can expect to see a host of new TVs and monitors being announced by other brands.