BenQ's X300G is a compact and capable UST gaming projector

Mike Wheatley

BenQ is adding to its lineup of dedicated gaming projectors with the launch of an extremely compact and capable-looking ultra short-throw model called the BenQ X300G.


The new model weighs just 3 kilograms, which is less than half of the BenQ X3000i gaming projector that debuted two years earlier. It’s also notably lighter than the bulky BenQ V5000i UST gaming projector that was announced last year. Moreover, it’s incredibly compact, with dimensions that measure just 212 x 180.9 x 194.8 millimetres, making it ideal to carry from room to room, or even place to place.

BenQ said the X300G projector is powered by a DLP projection engine and has a 3LED light source, which manages to output a not too shabby 2,000 lumens of brightness. That should ensure it generates a decently bright-enough picture in daytime, though of course if you’re able to close the curtains and shade the room as much as possible, the results will be better.

The BenQ X300G offers a throw ratio 0.69:1 to 0.83:1, which means it can throw up an enormous 120-inch image onto any wall or screen from just 183 metres away. The projector supports 4K UHD content and is said to cover 84% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut and 95% of the Rec.709 spectrum. Other specifications include 600,000:1 FOFO contrast, and features such as smart autofocus and a motorised optical zoom. SSI Dynamic Black and HDR tone mapping technology are also featured to ensure “accurate colour and dynamic contrast”, the company said.

Setup is simplified thanks to the 3D keystone correction function, which ensures flexibility in terms of where the projector is placed. Unlike earlier models, where keystone correction only had vertical and horizontal options, the BenQ X300G also supports 40 degrees of rotation, though it lacks a vertical lens shift capability.

Moreover, the BenQ X300G can automatically identify if it’s connected to an Xbox, PlayStation or Switch console and optimise the picture accordingly. There are different game modes supported too, while the promised 4.16 millisecond input lag at 1080p/240Hz refresh rates, should ensure lots of responsiveness, though it does admittedly drop to a lag of 16.7ms when the picture is cranked up to 4K/60Hz.


In terms of connectivity, users will find two HDMI ports, with one supporting enhanced Audio Return Channel, as well as DisplayPort and USB Type-A and USB Type-C connections. Wireless connectivity is supported via Bluetooth 5.0 ad 802.1ac Wi-Fi, and there is a free Android TV dongle that ships with the device, complete with the Netflix app pre-installed.

As for the audio, the BenQ X300G comes with a pair of 8-watt speakers and a passive radiator, while its dedicated DSP chip supports spatial audio for wider sound dispersion.

The BenQ X300G looks to be a reasonably capable projector, striking a good balance between picture quality and portability. What’s more, it’s fairly reasonably priced too, with BenQ pricing the new model at $1,799 in U.S. stores.