BenQ launches world's first CalMAN and HDR-certified displays

Mike Wheatley

BenQ is making quite a bold statement with its latest professional design monitors, which it says are the first products of its kind anywhere in the world to have achieved certifications from CalMAN, Pantone and VESA.


The first two designations mean BenQ’s new PD2705Q (pictured) and PD3420Q DesignVue monitors are verified to meet the highest standards set by CalMAN.

CalMAN sells popular calibration software that ensures a display meets the rigorous requirements found in business environments where reporting, verification, and validation are absolutely crucial. The CalMAN Verified certification is a program that uses its software to evaluate whether a display meets its criteria for video post-production editing and reviewing purposes. The certification evaluates colour temperature, gamma curve, and delta E, among other factors.

The Pantone certification meanwhile, is used to validate the display’s performance.

Because of these certifications, BenQ says its latest PD2705Q and PD3420Q monitors are ideal for creatives who demand exact colour reproduction, together with precise image clarity and HDR quality. The latter is ensured by their VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification, which means videographers can use the monitors to preview HDR video content during editing sessions for realistic results in an instant.

The PD2705Q and PD3420Q model names refer to their respective display sizes, 27-inches and 34-inches, and both offer ultrawide HDR 3440x1440 resolution, BenQ said. Moreover, both displays feature a 5ms response time, 60Hz refresh rate and built-in speakers.

The company said the PD2705Q and PD3420Q monitors deliver Delta E ≤ 3 colour accuracy out-of-the-box, and achieve 100% of the industry standard sRGB and Rec.709 wide colour gamuts, making them ideal for designers who need an exact colour match for accuracy.

Other features include various pre-set professional display modes including a Darkroom Mode that makes it possible to adjust image brightness and contrast for work in dark environments, and an Animation Mode that makes it easier to enhance clarity in dark areas without any overexposure of brighter regions. There’s also a CAD/CAM mode that provides greater contrast for lines and shapes in technical illustrations, BenQ said.

The displays are further enhanced with BenQ’s proprietary Eye-Care technology that incorporates low blue light, flicker free and anti-glare features and helps to reduce eye fatigue, so there’s no need to worry about staring at the monitor for hours on end.

BenQ said the PD2705Q DesignVue professional displays is available now, priced at £399.99. The BenQ PD3420Q is expected to be launched soon.