BenQ launches three new dedicated gaming projectors

Mike Wheatley

BenQ is adding three new models to its line up of X Series gaming projectors, which are designed to provide a totally immersive environment for video games console enthusiasts.


Announced at the Tokyo Game Show last week, the BenQ X3100i (pictured, above), X500i and X300G projectors have many of the same features found in its series of home cinema models, but they’re said to be optimised for gaming in a number of ways. For instance, they come with a “game-changing” detail refinement engine that’s designed to work in tandem with a projector-optimised HDR-PRO setting, as well as CinematicColour and CinematicSound technologies for greater sensory detail, the company said.

The flagship model of the three is the BenQ X3100i, which takes over the mantle from last year’s X300i projector. Like its predecessor, it has a 4LED setup that can generate an extremely bright 3,300 lumens picture. It has a throw ratio that’s equivalent to a 100-inch image at 2.5 metres, with 100% coverage of the DCI-PR colour gamut and a vertical lens shift feature, plus an extended 1.3x zoom compared to the other two new arrivals – which offer just 2D keystone and a 1.2 x zoom.

In addition, BenQ said the X3100i comes with an all-new RCG (racing) mode, alongside existing gaming genre presets such as RPG, FPG and SPG (sports). Dolby Atmos is also supported for an immersive audio experience. BenQ also touts the world’s lowest input lag for a gaming projector at just 4.16 milliseconds on the X3100i, though that increases to 16.9ms at 4K/60Hz.

The step down BenQ X500i (below) is a more compact alternative to the cube-shaped X3100i, and stands at just 118mm tall compared to the 197mm stature of the flagship. While it also has a 4LED 4K HDR lens, it can only achieve 2,200 lumens brightness and just 84% coverage of the DCI-P3 gamut. That said, it can still throw up an image of 95-inches at the maximum from a distance of just 1.44 metres, and it has all of the other features found aboard the X3100i.


As for the BenQ X300G (below), this is another cube-shaped model albeit with a smaller form-factor. It is powered by a 3LED light source and its brightness goes up to 2,000 lumens. Features include a motorised zoom and picture rotation function, and oddly, it has a superior sound system to the latter models, with a pair of 8 watt treVolo speakers built in. In contrast, the X3100i and X3500i sport a pair of 5 watt speakers.


In terms of shared features, all three of the new X Series projectors have SSI Dynamic Black and HDR tone mapping, with CinematicColour and CinematicSound ensuring a more cinema-like experience for gamers. They all come with an Auto Game Mode and SettingXChange feature, that makes it possible to automatically adjust the game settings for each game, and adjust them on the fly, respectively.

Of course, just because they’re targeted at gamers doesn't mean they can’t function as a standard projector for watching movies and the like. To aid with this, the projects run the Android TV platform and come with apps like Netflix pre-installed. They also support eARC and S/PDIF connections to connect a bigger sound system.

BenQ said the X3100i will cost £2,099 ($2.399) in the U.K. when it launches there in mid-October, while the X500i will set you back £1,499 ($1,699). It hasn’t said when the X300G will launch nor has it revealed prices. However, on its U.S. website, that model is priced at $1,799, which translates to around £1,599 in U.K. money.

“Our new X Series gaming projectors revolutionise the large-screen gaming market with genuine 4K HDR audiovisual performance and low input lag as the ultimate perceptivity platform for AAA gaming in various settings,” said BenQ President Conway Lee. “The flagship X3100i creates ultimate dream game rooms without compromise; X500i transforms any small room into a gaming zone; and X300G portable gaming projector lets gamers build gaming centres in any nook or corner.”