Bang & Olufsen debuts premium Beosound Theatre soundbar

Mike Wheatley

Bang & Olufsen wowed attendees at IFA 2022 when it unveiled the Beosound Theatre soundbar, an incredibly expensive gadget that is intended to provide an immersive, cinema-like experience from a single, standalone product.


The Beosound Theatre integrates Beam Width and Beam Directivity Control technology that was developed for the Beolab 90. Whereas before, those features were meant to reduce the effect of sidewall reflections, they’re now being used to direct sound away from the listener to increase the perception of spaciousness, the company said.

The Beosound Theatre can also form part of a multi-channel sound system, processing 7.1.4 channels of Dolby Atmos with support for up to 16 external speakers through eight physical outputs and eight wireless. In such a set ups, the Beosound Theatre will act like a centre speaker, with the onboard Dolby Atmos decoder and Bang & Olufsen’s True Image algorithm facilitating integration with the other speakers.

The soundbar also sports Bang & Olufsen's new Roomsense calibration technology, which relies on an internal microphone to measure the distance from the listener to the soundbar. This helps it optimise the sound output and assign a role for each speaker in the system based on its location and that of the listener to compensate for unsymmetrical positioning.

If that wasn’t enough, it also has the Mozart software onboard that has powered Bang & Olufsen’s products since 1986. The company said this software, along with the Beosound Theatre’s processing power and capacity, means it will be able to add new features and connectivity options in future.

Jakob Dyreby, Senior Technology Specialist at B&O, said consumers can buy the Beosound Theatre as a soundbar and later add rear loudspeakers to create a triangular set-up.

"All you need to do is connect them,” he explained. “That flexibility also means that our customers are not limited by their initial purchase decision, which in turn helps us extend the lifetime of Beosound Theatre and increase the likelihood of multiple ownerships.”


The design of the Beosound Theatre is inspired by boats and it is shaped similarly to a ship’s keel. This creates the illusion of a soundbar that’s floating on the aluminium blade that runs across its centre. Buyers can choose from either grey fabric or an oak lamella cover with wooden fins that clip on.

The soundbar is extremely versatile too, and can be fitted onto TVs that are standing on a tabletop, on the floor or wall mounted, while accommodating different sized TVs, ranging from 55-inch to 65-inch to 77-inch screens. Bang & Olufsen said the Beosound Theatre’s dimensions are optimised to match the LG OLED C2, G2 and Z2 TVs, but it can fit almost any TV thanks to its motorised Beosound Theatre bracket, meaning users can buy a new TV anytime without worrying they’ll need to replace it.

“We know that our customers want to invest in products that last, which is why Beosound Theatre has been modularly designed to outlast many TVs in its lifetime,” said Mads Kogsgaard Hansen, Head of Product Circularity at Bang & Olufsen. “We have made a solution that enables you to update your product rather than replace it, and a product that can evolve with you over time.

Bang & Olufsen hasn’t said when the Beosound Theatre will go on sale, but it will be a serious investment when it does, with a hefty price tag of £5,590.