Bang & Olufsen Launches 65-Inch BeoVision Harmony OLED TV

Mike Wheatley

Premium electronics equipment maker Bang & Olufsen is now offering a smaller, ever-so-slightly more affordable 65-inch version of its flagship BeoVision Harmony OLED TV.


Bang & Olufsen launched the original 77-inch version back in April, winning plaudits for its unique design that features ‘wings’ housing a state-of-the-art sound system that fold out just like a butterfly does, the moment it’s switched on.

Turn on the TV and the screen rises while the wings fold out similarly to a front-facing soundbar. When the TV is switched off, they automatically fall back to where they were, though the speakers can also be used as a regular sound system in this position.

The design is all the more eye-catching as the oak and aluminimum wings actually cover the TV screen when not in use.

"When Beovision Harmony is turned off or just playing music, the thin screen rests close to the floor, partially covered by the two oak and aluminium speakers. Turning Beovision Harmony on prompts the two wings to fan out — like a butterfly taking flight — and the screen rises to the perfect viewing height. Turn off the TV, and the finely choreographed sequence plays out in reverse," the company said in its pitch.

Like the older 77-inch model, the new 65-inch version is essentially a rebranded and much pricier version of LG’s 2019 C9 OLED TV, and uses that company’ webOS platform, video engine and user interface, albeit with some modifications.

The display packs all of the latest image processing features employed by LG on its C9 OLED, as well as the same apps, including Amazon, Netflix and YouTube. Other features include support for Apple’s AirPlay 2 and Google’s Chromecast, and Bluetooth connectivity.

The sound system itself is as good as one would expect from Bang & Olufsen, which has first and foremost always been an audio company. The speakers come in a three-channel configuration and can work with the company’s Beolab 18, Beolab 50 and Beolab 90 audio systems. It’s possible to pair up to eight wireless speakers with the TV, which can decode 7.1 surround sound, the company said.

With the BeoVision Harmony, it seems that Bang & Olufsen is trying to cash in on a trend started by Samsung of hiding TVs in plain sight, exemplified by that company’s stylish “The Frame” TV, which hangs on a wall and can display artwork when not in use.

It's those attractive aesthetics, along with the speaker system, that users will be paying a premium for if they choose to buy this model over the standard LG C9 OLED. Whether or not that’s enough to justify the added costs remains to be seen. It is one hell of a premium after all, with the 65-inch BeoVision Harmony starting at 13,500 euros (around £11,500), versus the average £1,999 retail price of LG’s C9.