Affordable Xiaomi Mi TV P1 series now on sale in Europe

Mike Wheatley

Chinese brand Xiaomi has just announced another affordable 4K Android TV option for European buyers with the official launch of its mid-range Mi TV P1 series.


The new LCD TVs are available in a range of sizes and look to be a compelling offering that should help to expand market penetration for the brand, which only started selling its displays in Europe in 2019.

The Xiaomi Mi TV P1 series follows the launch of the higher end Mi TV Q1 series that went on sale in Europe in May. The company said buyers will have four size options to choose from, starting at 32-inches and maxing out at 55-inches .

They look to be pretty capable TVs if movies and TV shows are your thing, but they probably don’t have enough to satisfy the lusts of video games players. What you’ll get is a 4K UHD TV with a 50/60Hz LCD panel, depending on the size option you choose, plus lots of HDR options with both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ supported.

That said, it should be noted the Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 series will definitely deliver a better HDR experience than the P1 series. That’s because the more expensive model is the only one that can boast LED local dimming.

On the audio side, the TV’s support for Dolby Audio and DTS-HD decoding help to provide a solid if unspectacular surround sound experience.

The Mi TV P1 series also has support for HDMI 2.1 eARC, albeit through its HDMI 2.0 ports. Of course, that means new gaming features such as 4K at 120fps, Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low Latency Mode all go out the window, unsupported on these TVs.

As far as content goes the Mi TV P1 delivers plenty of that through its Android TV 10 interface. As well as apps like Netflix and YouTube, Android TV means features such as built-in Chromecast, Google Assistant for voice controls, Google Play and more. Xiaomi also throws in a 360° Bluetooth remote that works regardless of which direction its pointed at.

The Xiaomi Mi TV P1 series also sport the bezel-less design that has become more or less a requirement for any modern television that wants to look the part these days.

Xiaomi said the Mi TV P1 series is available now in select European countries, with prices starting at €300 for the smallest 32-inch model, €500 for the 43-inch version, €600 for the 50-incher and €700 for the biggest 55-inch model.

Buyers should note however that the 32-inch model only has 768p resolution and runs the older Android TV 9 operating system.