Ad-supported Tubi streaming service debuts on LG TVs

Mike Wheatley

LG TVs are getting another app update with the launch of the free, ad-supported Tubi streaming service in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Mexico.


The update brings the Tubi app to LG OLED and LCD TVs running webOS 5 and webOS 6. Tubi is a nice little service to have, offering access to a hefty library of 35,000 movies and TV shows plus a limited number of original programmes. It also provides access to dozen of local TV stations, and it’s all completely free of charge.

The Tubi service competes with other ad-supported video-on-demand apps such as Peacock, IMDb TV, Pluto TV and the Roku Channel, though unlike some of those rivals it does not offer a premium subscription that removes the ads.

LG said Tubi can now be accessed via the launcher bar or its content store, and titles from the service will soon start displaying in search results on webOS.

Fox Corporation, which owns Tubi, said recently that the service boasts 25 million active monthly users.

Tubi is also available on other TV platforms such as Android TV, Fire TV and Samsung Tizen TVs.

Apple TV on Fire TV adds Dolby Atmos

In other app-related news this week, Apple has said the Apple TV app, which provides access to both the Apple TV+ streaming service that rivals Netflix, and the iTunes movie store, now supports Dolby Atmos audio on new Amazon Fire TV devices.


That’s good news for Fire TV owners who appreciate higher sound quality. Dolby Atmos is an immersive audio format that delivers highly-realistic sound effects, giving viewers the effect of the sound coming at them from all angles.

Apple TV+ offers a ton of Dolby Atmos-supported content,including Apple Originals such as Finch, Foundation and For All Manking. In addition, there are exactly 547 films on iTunes that support Dolby Atmos.

Apple launched the Apple TV on Amazon Fire TVs in 2019 so the update has been a while coming. When it launched it also lacked support for Dolby Vision HDR, though that has since been added.

It’s not clear exactly which Amazon Fire TV devices will support Dolby Atmos now, though reports from users on Reddit suggest the feature is unlocked on the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max, as well as the Fire TV Cube and other devices that support the format.