55EC9300 is LG’s 2nd-Gen OLED TV: Curved, WebOS, $3.5k

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics is bidding to push large-screen OLED display technology into the mainstream with the US launch of its second-generation 55-inch curved OLED TV at an astonishingly low price tag of just $3,500 (approximately £2,100).

LG 55EC9300

The launch of the 55EC9300 comes just over a year after LG unveiled its first curved-screen OLED television which commanded an astronomically high $14,999 price tag (roughly £9,000). Now though, thanks to some rapid advances in its OLED manufacturing processes, LG’s able to sell its newest OLED TV for just a tad more than some of the highest-priced 55in LED LCD TVs around, such as Samsung’s HU8500 and Sony’s X9.

Of course we should point out that the LG EC9300 isn’t a 4K TV. Its 1080p resolution means we’ll have to make do with regular Full HD, but the fact that it’s an OLED display probably makes up for it. OLED TVs deliver superior picture quality than any other display technology – even plasma – thanks to their ability to render true 0 cd/m2 blacks, which means the lower number of pixels shouldn’t really be an issue.

LG’s second-gen curved OLED has some tasty features too. Notably, it runs the new LG Smart TV+ webOS platform, which has been designed to offer a more seamless transition between regular TV broadcasts, external media and web streaming services. WebOS is said to be intelligent too, and offers recommended content and settings based on the viewer’s preferences. There should also be plenty of content to watch, with streaming services like Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and YouTube all built in.

“In the wake of plasma’s decline, it’s more important than ever to bring OLED to consumers who are looking for the highest level of contrast and colour performance,” said Dave Vanderwaal, head of marketing at LG Electronics USA. “We’re proud to start to bring this amazing technology into the mainstream for US consumers.”

LG says the 55EC9300 will go on sale at select online stores including Adorama, Amazon and Best Buy from the 24th of August in the United States. Those wanting to get in early can place their preorders at BestBuy.com now, though there’s no word on whether it’ll be offered in the UK and Europe as the 55EC930V.

With the launch of this more affordable OLED TV, LG has emerged as the clear leader in this category. Its rivals have some catching up to do – Samsung hasn’t come out with any new OLEDs since the launch of its KE55S9C last year. Sony and Panasonic are also said to be interested in making OLED displays, though it may be some time before we see any Japanese-branded OLED TVs hit these shores.