3DTV, 3D Player & 3 Pairs Of Glasses For £999.99 At Comet

Vincent Teoh

High price tag remains one of the major factors deterring consumers – even those who pride themselves as early adopters – from jumping on the 3D TV bandwagon. To fully enjoy 3D content, investing in a 3D-capable HDTV (which is not cheap in itself) is only the first step; the costs of associated hardware devices such as a 3D Blu-ray player, not to mention extra pairs of 3D glasses for family members would also need to be taken into account. But a well-known UK electrical retailer has put together a 3D TV bundle including 3D BD player and eyewear at an attractive price of just under one grand, which may go some way towards persuading more people to splash out on a 3D television.

Comet is offering a 40-inch Samsung LE40C750 3D TV (which has received favourable reviews), a Samsung BD-C5900 3D Blu-ray player, and three pairs of compatible Samsung SSG-2100AB active shutter 3D glasses at a bundled price of £999.99, which represents a saving of over £500 compared to the total price of the individual components purchased separately.

Currently the deal is scheduled to run until the end of September, but Comet may pull the offer earlier if stock runs out or sales target is met. With Sky 3D due to deliver more 3D content to subscribers come first of October, this offer may prove very popular among those who are interested in watching 3D movies or play 3D games from the comfort of their homes.

Bob Darke, who is the commercial director at Comet, said that the company has come up with this 3D TV package to give users (and their families) the chance of experiencing 3D at home without needing to spend a fortune. Rival chains like Dixons and even smaller independent dealers are expected to follow Comet’s lead, and start offering similarly discounted 3DTV packages very soon.

Source: Comet