3D TV In Every Living Room By 2013: Ubisoft

Jonathan Sutton

2013 is apparently going to be a magical year for 3D TVs. Less than 2 weeks ago, Seoul-based market research firm Displaybank published its forecast that at least 86% of all plasma televisions sold worldwide will be 3D plasma TVs by the year 2013. Now influential French PC and video game publisher and developer Ubisoft has gone one step further – the company is boldly claiming that in 3 years’ time (i.e. 2013), every living room will have a 3D TV.

To make this a reality, Ubisoft is counting big on 3D gaming – bolstered by efforts from hardware manufacturers like Sony and Nintendo to equip their video game consoles with 3D capabilities – to accelerate 3DTV acceptance and growth. The game publisher forecasts that half of all games played in the year 2012 will be 3D games.

Ubisoft’s stance as a strong advocate of 3D is hardly surprising, given that the game maker was the first to develop a proper 3D game in the form of Avatar (based on James Cameron’s visionary 3D movie of the same name) way before any of the current batch of 3D TVs was available for sale to consumers on the market.

Despite many sceptics saying that 3D TV will have a very difficult time taking off due to the usually cited put-offs such as compulsory eyewear, expensive prices and lack of 3D content, Ubisoft’s UK marketing director Murray Pannell remained defiant and displayed unwavering conviction in his company’s bold predictions. He conceded that 3D TV sales would be slow this year, but asserted that 3D technology is one that cannot be ignored because large consumer electronics manufacturers like Sony, broadcasting companies like Sky, and game developers like themselves are all working hard to drive 3D adoption.

Mr Pannell was speaking to Eurogamer at a Christmas appetizer event where Ubisoft showcased a few titles including Shaun White Skateboarding in 3D.

Source: Eurogamer